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Practice Workshop: Composition in Photography Pt. 2

August 31, 2024 at 12:30:00 PM

2 hours

On location in Basel

Composition in Photography Pt. 2 – Balanced Images and Symmetry, Framing, Point of View / Interesting Perspective, Filling the Frame

About the Course

Learning the rules of compositions and how to apply them in practice.

After a short introduction into composition in photography and the rules of composition, we will practice these rules under the guidance of the instructor. The focus during this workshop will be on finding subjects where we can apply the rules and to develop an eye for those rules.

We will share and discuss the images after the workshop during an online meeting.

Nach einer kurzen Einführung in Komposition in der Fotografie und die Kompositionsregeln werden wir diese Regeln unter der Anleitung des Kursleiters in der Praxis anwenden. Der Schwerpunkt dieses Workshops liegt auf der Suche nach Motiven, bei denen wir die Regeln anwenden können, und darauf, ein Auge für diese Regeln zu entwickeln.

Nach dem Workshop werden wir die Bilder in einem Online-Meeting besprechen und austauschen.

Language / Sprache

The workshop will be in English and German.

Your Instructor

Thomas Halfmann


CHF 90

With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out on the Swiss Photo Club website


This workshop is presented by Swiss Photo Club. With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out.


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