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The very special city


Brasília is not comparable to any other city in the world. Already the history of Brasília's founding is unique. Nowhere else have city planners and architects been able to realize their dream of the ideal city as consistently as in Brasília.  


In my research on Brasília, I noticed that most of the articles are very critical of Brasília as a concept of a modern city. The prevailing opinion is that Brasília, or rather the master plan of the city planners, has failed. Even architect and project manager Oskar Niemeyer confessed in an interview in 2001:"Brasília did not fulfil what we expected from it, what we hoped for" and called the city "an unsuccessful experiment". But even if the social experiment Brasília did not live up to the high expectations of Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek, Lúcio Costas and Oscar Niemeyer, what remains is, apart from the unique architecture and urban planning, a city worth living in and loving. 


This is also shown by the fact that today's Brasília does not look like an architecture museum that has nothing to offer other than photogenic buildings. Brasília is a city full of life that pulsates in its own unique way. We have come to know Brasília as a very lively city with a wide range of restaurants, bars, live music and culture. What makes Brasília a very special city, apart from the architecture, are the cheerful and cordial people who live in Brasília and who made it very difficult to say goodbye!

All images have been taken with Leica M cameras (M6 with Kodak T-MAX 400, M (240), M Monochrom (246)) and Leica lenses. 

All images can be ordered as fine art prints on Hahnemühle or Ilford Gallery paper with or without framing. We produce all prints individually in close consultation with our customers and our specialized printing laboratory. Contact us with details of the desired images and size and we will make you an offer immediately.

The journey to Brasília in 2016 resulted in a photo book that is offered in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies. 

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