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Considering myself as a

Visual Artist

Capturing Timeless Moments: My Journey Through Photography


Welcome to my creative world, where every snapshot tells a story and every frame is a canvas of art or emotions. I embarked on my photographic odyssey in the mid-1990s, armed with a Minolta XD7 and a passion for concert photography. Those early days were marked by the tactile magic of Kodak T-MAX films, an era where the art of capturing light on film was an intricate dance of patience and precision.

Fast forward to the present, and I stand before you as a seasoned photographer who has embraced the digital age while keeping the soul of traditional photography alive. My journey through pixels and lenses has been one of exploration, evolution, and the pursuit of the perfect shot. It wasn't until the 2010s, with the emergence of full-frame sensors like the Nikon D700 and Leica M9, that I rekindled my affair with professional photography.

While photography once shared the stage with other pursuits, it now claims the spotlight in my life's narrative. I find my muse in the interplay of black and white imagery, an art form that I have seamlessly woven into architecture, landscapes, portraits, and reportage photography. Yet, like a painter with a diverse palette, I also embrace color when the project demands it. If you're in search of that ineffable essence, a touch of wabi-sabi that lends your images a unique aura, then our creative wavelengths are attuned.

The foundation of my client collaborations lies in dialogue and the fusion of ideas. The art that emerges is often an unexpected masterpiece, a testament to the sparks ignited by mutual inspiration. Over the years, I have not only perfected the technical aspects of photography but have also honed the art of guiding individuals towards their distinct aesthetic expressions. Photography, after all, is not merely about mechanics; it's the cultivation of vision, experience, and the realization of artistic dreams.


In my realm, workshops and seminars have been the conduit for sharing my passion and expertise since 2010. These sessions are not tutorials on technique alone – while I certainly guide you towards technical finesse, our journey together delves deeper. It's about nurturing your creative voice, shaping your unique viewpoint, and bringing your artistic identity into focus. If you're drawn to that evocative charm, that elusive wabi-sabi quality that lends an emotional depth to your visuals, then our paths are destined to cross.


When it comes to the tools of my trade, I oscillate effortlessly between the realms of digital and film photography. The symphony of my creativity plays out through Leica and Hasselblad cameras and lenses, each frame a note in a timeless melody. I am a collector of original prints and photobooks. This passion inspires my photography and enriches my art, infusing it with a narrative that transcends pixels and negatives.

So, if you're seeking to immortalize the fleeting, to infuse your visuals with emotion, and to embark on a photographic journey that traverses time and space, then let's embark on this adventure together. I invite you to explore my portfolio, engage in conversation, join my workshops and masterclasses, and discover the artistry that awaits – for in every image lies a story waiting to be told.

I am shooting on location and in my 100 sq m studio near Basel, Switzerland. 


2010 (HGP) - Berlin Tempelhof (architecture)

2022 (photo SCHWEIZ) - December Full Moon Swiss Mountains (landscape)

2023 (photo SCHWEIZ) - San Giovanni Battista (architecture)

2023 (photo SCHWEIZ) - Basel Inspired by Sugimoto (architecture)

2024 (photo SCHWEIZ) - Silo, Basel (architecture)


My images have been published by various magazines and books, e.g. You Are Cordially Invited (Art Basel Issue, 2013), North American Congress on Latin America (2018), Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (2019), Farmer's Almanac (2020), ...


2022 - TIFA Bronze Award - Fine Art-Landscape (December Full Moon)


2023 - IPA Honorable Mention - Professionals Architecture Buildings (San Giovanni Battista (Mogno))

2023 - TIFA Honorable Mention - Nature-Flowers (Wild Orchids)

2023 - TIFA Silver Award - Architecture-Buildings (San Giovanni Battista (Mogno))

2024 - MUSE Gold Award - Black & White Photography Landscape

2024 - MUSE Gold Award - Architecture Photography

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