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Considering myself as a

Visual Artist

If you are looking for that special look in your images, containing some wabi-sabi, we shall talk. My visual language is mostly black and white. However, engaging with clients always starts with a dialogue and sharing ideas. Eventually we commonly develop something totally different than we both initially anticipated. It's all about inspiration.

I am photographing with digital and film, depending on the project that we create together, using mostly Leica and Hasselblad cameras and lenses.

I am shooting on location and in my 100 sq m studio near Basel, Switzerland. 


photo SCHWEIZ 2022 - December Full Moon Swiss Mountains (landscape)

photo SCHWEIZ 2023 - San Giovanni Battista (architecture)

photo SCHWEIZ 2023 - Basel Inspired by Sugimoto (architecture)



TIFA Bronze Award 2022 - Category Fine Art-Landscape (December Full Moon)

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