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Locarno Film Festival

The Locarno Film Festival, a prestigious annual event held in Locarno, Switzerland, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1946. This cinematic extravaganza takes place every August and features an array of films in competitive and non-competitive categories, including narratives, documentaries, shorts, avant-garde pieces, and retrospectives. Notably, the festival showcases movies in a variety of settings, with the captivating Piazza Grande section being held in an open-air venue that accommodates a staggering 8,000 spectators.

The pinnacle award at the Locarno Film Festival is the highly coveted Golden Leopard, bestowed upon the best film within the International Competition category. This prestigious accolade stands alongside other honours like the Leopard of Honour, which recognizes significant contributions to the field, and the Prix du Public, a prize determined by audience choice.


The 76th iteration of the Locarno Festival, occurring between August 2 and August 12 in 2023, saw French actor Lambert Wilson assuming the role of the head of the Main Competition Jury. Notably, American filmmaker Harmony Korine was presented with the Pardo d’Onore Manor in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments.


In the competitive lineup, the Iranian film "Critical Zone," directed by Ali Ahmadzadeh, emerged as the triumphant recipient of the festival's most prestigious award, the Golden Leopard. This cinematic gem captivated audiences and secured its place as the festival's standout entry. Additionally, the Special Jury Prize was claimed by Radu Jude's "Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World," further highlighting the festival's commitment to acknowledging exceptional cinematic achievements.


The 76th Locarno Festival witnessed a significant evolution in its approach to acting recognition. A notable change was the introduction of the gender-neutral "Best Performance" category, which replaced the traditional "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" designations. This progressive move aimed to promote inclusivity and equality in the realm of acting acknowledgment. Within the Main Competition, the inaugural winners of this new category were Dimitra Vlagopoulou for her performance in "Animal" and Renée Soutendijk for her role in "Sweet Dreams."


The Locarno Film Festival holds a special place in the world of cinema, symbolizing the pinnacle of film excellence. Its inception in 1946 aligned with the post-war cultural revival, and it became a hub for celebrating cinematic brilliance in the picturesque Swiss locale of Locarno. The festival boasts a diverse program, catering to both general audiences and passionate cinephiles. The festival's distinctiveness is further amplified by its unique venues, with the iconic Piazza Grande standing as the world's largest open-air cinema, accommodating a staggering 8,000 viewers.


The festival's idyllic setting, nestled between the tranquil lake and the stunning peaks of Canton Ticino, provides an enchanting backdrop for the convergence of diverse talents in the world of moving images. This includes emerging filmmakers, seasoned industry professionals, accomplished directors, and devoted cinema enthusiasts. Together, they partake in a communal celebration of cinematic artistry, fostering an environment of growth, discovery, and understanding. Beyond the festival itself, this community continues to thrive, engaging in various activities and initiatives dedicated to enriching their shared passion throughout the year.


In summary, the Locarno Film Festival is a prestigious annual event held in Locarno, Switzerland, since 1946. It showcases films across various categories in both competitive and non-competitive sections, with a special focus on the iconic Piazza Grande open-air venue. The Golden Leopard is the festival's top prize, awarded to the best film in the International Competition category. The festival also introduced a gender-neutral acting category, "Best Performance," in its 76th edition. The festival's unique location and diverse community foster a vibrant celebration of cinematic excellence, uniting emerging talents, industry veterans, and dedicated cinephiles in a shared passion for the art of film.

Pictures taken with Leica SL-2 and Leica M10-P

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