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Beginners Intensive Photography Course

July 20, 2024 at 7:30:00 AM

7 hours

My studio in Reinach (BL)

Learn the basics of photography & your camera in 1 day

About the Course

You have a camera, but feel overwhelmed by how it works? End up using the Auto mode or your phone’s camera instead?

The Intensive 7 hours Beginners Course will equip you with the most important skills needed to create high-quality photography in just one day. During the first 4 hours you’ll learn key photographic concepts and techniques (exposure triangle, composition, shooting modes, focus, and more) plus the key settings of your camera. After a well-earned lunch break we’ll go outdoors for a 3 hours practice to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Feel stuck or overwhelmed? Relax – our approachable instructors will be by your side.

After the course you will have mastered:

  • The basics of your camera settings and features – all taught in simple terms

  • How to use different lenses and equipment – and why

  • Composing striking photos from awe-inspiring landscapes to dreamy portraits

  • Creating photos that are sharp, colorful, and well composed

Course Requirements:

  • Your camera: DSLR or mirrorless or any camera with a shooting mode selector (P, A/Av, S/Tv, M)

  • No camera? No problem. We offer free camera hire during the course (just tell us in advance)

  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts

During this intensive course you will learn & practice:

  • How to use your camera: Which shooting mode to select when, best settings for various scenarios

  • Basic exposure – master exposure no matter your environment – using ISO, shutter speed and aperture

  • Using aperture to artistically change depth-of-field (e.g. blurry backgrounds in portraits)

  • Using shutter speed to blur or freeze motion (e.g. light trails, panning shots or insects mid-flight) and more

  • Composing a scene – from rule-of-thirds to posing photography subjects, learn the essential skills and creative theories to "level up" your photography

  • Landscape photography practical tips

  • Travel photography practical tips

  • Portrait photography basics, posing, lighting

  • Lenses and gear – what lenses are right for you? You’ll learn the fundamentals to help you choose and effectively use your gear depending on your goals

  • Common mistakes – are your photos poorly exposed? Blurry? Maybe they’re just unexciting? We’ll help you critically examine your photography to keep you improving for years after the course

Language / Sprache

This workshop will be delivered in English.

Your Instructor

Thomas Halfmann


CHF 390

With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out on the Swiss Photo Club website

Early bird discount available - check the registration site!


This workshop is presented by Swiss Photo Club. With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out.


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