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Practice Workshop: Architecture (Kraftwerk Birsfelden)

July 18, 2024 at 4:00:00 PM

2 hours

On location in Basel (Birsfelden)

Industrial architecture photography at Kraftwerk Birsfelden - how to find the best images

About the Course

In this workshop we will focus on one industrial structure, the Kraftwerk in Biersfelden, and how to photograph the building, but also architectural details.

After a short general introduction into architecture photography, we will do a photo walk and address a few aspects of photographing buildings and architectural details and apply them in practice, e.g.

  • Lens for architectural photography

  • Perspective in architectural photography

  • Depth of field

  • Composition

  • Falling lines

The focus of this workshop will be to find the best perspectives for photographing an entire ensemble of an industrial building. I will help you to decide what kind of images you would like to make (formal architecture photography, dramatic story telling, fine art architecture photography, ...) and how to shoot them.

Language / Sprache

English and German speakers welcome

Your Instructor

Thomas Halfmann


CHF 90

With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out on the Swiss Photo Club website


This workshop is presented by Swiss Photo Club. With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out.


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